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Introducing Lavender Blue Handmade Herbals

♥ ♥ Welcome to Lavender Blue Hand-Made Herbals ♥ ♥

Your source for local artisan soap, natural body care and herbal lifestyle products in Quesnel, BC, all formulated and created by Quesnel herbalist, Laurel Glitherow, a certified herbal practitioner.

About me:

 I am a Certified Herbal Practitioner living in the wilderness heart of Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Here in my little clearing in the woods, I am inspired by nature and the powerful, healing herbs that grow in my garden and the surrounding forest to create natural herbal remedies and body-care products that capture the essence of the pristine wilderness I’m blessed to call home.

It brings me great joy to apply my love, creativity and green wisdom to share the healing gifts of nature.

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About my products:

My products are intended to nurture and delight both body and spirit.

I use only organically grown or wild-crafted herbs. What I don’t harvest from my own garden, meadow, and woods comes from trusted certified organic or ethically wild-crafted sources. I do not use wild-crafted herbs that are considered at-risk or endangered species. My preference is for well-known traditional plants backed up by centuries of therapeutic use (chamomile, calendula, comfrey, st. john’s wort, yarrow, etc. ) and abundant local species (i.e, dandelion, cottonwood, birch, fireweed, balsam fir).

I put great care into formulating my products and harvesting and processing by the best methods to ensure a quality product that incorporates the finest botanical properties.

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Where to Buy:

You can purchase directly from me (see how to purchase), on-line at Etsy or Poppyswap (click buttons on right hand side of this page), or at the upcoming Quesnel Christmas Farmer’s Markets. My products will also be available soon at Green Tree Health and Wellness on Reid Street, Quesnel.