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The Hockey Puck

Here is my new shaving soap, scented lightly with Frankincense and citrus essential oils. The Australian black clay and BC Glacial Marine clay add the necessary slip required for shaving and ample castor oil, lanolin, and vegetable shortening lend a very traditional, creamy, stable lather.  Goat milk is used instead of water for extra skin conditioning and moisturizing.

New Lanolin and Goat Milk Shaving Soap


New Lanolin and Goat Milk Shaving Soap


New Soaps Christmas 2012

I’ve been busy trying new things! If I had to make the same soap all the time I would get bored. I keep the most popular ones, drop ones that were slow sellers and replace them with something new. Goat milk soap connoisseurs will be happy. I now have three varieties of goat milk soap (so creamy and moisturizing), all of them still containing generous amounts of shea and cocoa butter. I  have fallen in love with Australian Black Clay, which I’ve combined with BC Glacial Marine clay in a bath and body soap and a new shaving soap. With the black clay, the shaving soap looks something like a hockey puck and is made with the traditional shaving soap ingredients of lanolin and castor oil,  and it is yet another of my goat milk soaps.

Sweet orange patchouli goat milk soap – though some of my customers are already calling it “hippie soap”

My black clay soap, scented with pettigrain, frankincense and juniper berry

Cool Mint soap with BC Glacial Marine Clay, peppermint, spearmint and eucalyptus essential oils. I’ve had many requests to make a mint soap without the scratchy bits found in my peppermint pumice scrub bar.

My lemongrass soap has taken on a new look and a fresher scent with lemon essential oil blended with lemongrass and listea.

Rhassoul clay soap. I love how this spa quality soap colours the bar an earthy shade. Scented with frankincense, clary sage, and listea.

Lavender coconut milk soap

Lavender goat milk soap

Unscented soaps are my first love. Here is my calendula soap infused with fresh calendula flowers from my garden. This is the soap I recommend every time I’m asked, “What’s good for eczema?” and I get asked that question more than any other.

Unscented goat milk soap

Because every coconut milk soap I’ve ever made is so creamy, bubbly, and soft on the skin, I’ve made an unscented coconut milk soap as well.

Australian Pink Clay Soap (with lavender and rose)

Australian Pink Clay Soap

I am so pleased with how this soap turned out. So far, everyone who has tried it says it is the best soap I’ve ever made. I knew Australian Pink Clay had a fabulous reputation as a skin care clay; I didn’t expect it to result in a bar of soap quite this heavenly. It glides over the skin like silk without being slippery and lathers beautifully.  Knowing the resulting bar would be a subtle, natural shade of pink, I decided to scent it with lavender and rose.

Australian Pink Clay soap scented with rose and lavender essential oils

Ingredients:  Saponified coconut, olive, soybean,  palm, and castor  oils, shea and cocoa butters, Australian pink clay, lavender and rose essential oils.

Fragrance Free Herbal Soaps

Luxurious Shea and Cocoa Butter soaps infused with honey and herbal oils

One of the reasons I started making my own soap and body care products was that I hated the overuse of scents that bombards us everywhere we go. All my life my eyes have watered and my nasal passages burned when walking through the detergent isle at a grocery store or through the cosmetics department of a department store.  I needn’t mentioned those weird chemical soup air “fresheners” that plug into power sockets. Fortunately, unlike many, these unnatural olfactory assaults don’t, for me, trigger migraines, nausea, or other more serious effects of chemical sensitivity; they are just an annoyance . . . well, probably a long-term health hazard as well when one considers the toxic, carcinogenic effects of these phthalate-laden fake smells.

I made these soaps so those who want a truly luxurious bar with all the goodies – shea butter, cocoa butter, creamy castor oil, carefully infused with healthful, skin-loving, soothing herbs – but without the scent; something far more exciting and skin friendly than just a plain jane unscented soap.

These soaps are a good choice for infants and small children, fragile elderly skin, and also a great idea for those who are temporarily intolerant to scent and prone to nausea, whether due to pregnancy, chemotherapy, etc., but who would still love to use a wonderfully luxurious natural soap.

I couldn’t find anything like these soaps anywhere . . . so I had to create them myself, and I absolutely LOVE them!

Choose from:

Calendula and Marshmallow

Marshmallow-Calendula Soap made with organic summer garden herbs

Calendula and Marshmallow fragrance-free soap

Chamomile and Honey

Chamomile Honey soap with a lovely hint of natural honey scent

Chamomile and Honey fragrance-free soap

Calendula and Honey

Calendula Honey soap. The honey increases the bubbly lather.

Calendula and Honey Soap


Yarrow Soap - a great choice for mature skin

Yarrow fragrance-free soap


Borage soap with borage blossoms and the bee that couldn't stay away long enough for me to take a photo. Bees are borage blossom addicts . .. and for good reason.

Borage fragrance-free soap

Wild Rose Hip

Rose hips - so abundant in the north woods and so, so good!

Wild Rose hip fragrance free soap


100% natural chamomile soap - a favourite for dry or itching skin

Chamomile fragrance-free soap


last but not least - Comfrey, the queen of skin regenerating herbs

Comfrey fragrance-free soap

Ingredients in the above soaps:

Saponified coconut, soybean,  palm, and castor  oils, shea and cocoa butters. Herbal oil and water infusions with my own organically grown and/or wild-crafted herbs.

Natural Unscented Soap

Unscented Hand-Made Soap

For those who love a no-nonsense, plain bar of soap that gets the job done and is healthy, natural, and kind to the skin, LavenderBlue Natural Unscented soap is recommended. This soap has a smooth, stable lather and contains a wholesome blend of olive and coconut oils.