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New Shampoo Bars – Lanolin and Goat Milk

My herbal shampoo bars have been so well received, it was time to introduce something new and slightly different  – a moisturizing shampoo bar that makes use of the nourishing properties of goat milk and lanolin.

Lanolin and Goat Milk Shampoo Bar scented with an uplifting combination of grapefruit and lavender essential oils


Shampoo Bars

Herbal Shampoo Bars . . . with silk!

Never throw out a shampoo bottle again with LavenderBlue shampoo bars! These bars are loaded with carefully chosen combinations of herbs and essential oils especially beneficial for the hair such as nettle, rosemary, horsetail, burdock, marshmallow root, comfrey and chamomile. The addition of silk peptide powder and ample amounts of jojoba and  sweet almond oils –  and  all the luxury of shea and cocoa butters –  ensures a creamy shampoo that is nourishing to the scalp and leaves the hair full and shiny.

Choose from:


Rosemary shampoo

Infused with nettle, horsetail, comfrey and chamomile with lavender and rosemary essential oils. Nettle and Horsetail are considered the ultimate herbs for hair health. Comfrey is softening and soothing to hair and scalp, and chamomile is excellent for sensitive skin. Lavender is also soothing and anti-inflammatory, while rosemary stimulates circulation to the scalp. Silk peptide powder is added for conditioning and shine.

Frankincense and Clary Sage

Frankincense and Clary Sage Shampoo

Infused with burdock, chamomile, milky oat tops, and marshmallow root with the addition of frankincense and Clary sage essential oils.  All of these herbs and oils are the friend of a dry, flaking, sensitive scalp, and dry, brittle hair,  but will bring a softening and luster to any hair type. Silk peptide powder is added for conditioning and shine.

Using Solid Shampoo Bars

Shampoo bars are becoming increasingly popular, but you won’t find them the same as your old chemical-laden shampoos that leave the hair feeling kinda slimy. At first you might think your hair feels strange, but once your hair has dried, you will realize it is simply clean. As with any change in hair routine, it takes your hair a few washes to adjust and the benefits of these shampoos to take effect. To use, simply rub up a lather with bar directly on hair and/or in your hands – a good shampoo bar will have a recognizably foamy lather – massage into hair and scalp and rinse well.

Natural shampoo bars are often followed by a rinse of 1/4 cup cider vinegar in two cups of water, which is an effective way of naturally restoring the hair’s pH balance and de-tangling the hair. Rinsing with a cup or two of a strong herbal tea  such as nettle – or any of the herbs included in my shampoo bars – is another great option; throw in a teaspoon of or so of vegetable glycerine and a couple of tablespoons of cider vinegar and you have an incredible, home-made conditioning hair rinse!  If that all sounds like a bit too much work, your favourite conditioner will do just fine!

Hair Rinse Herbs and their properties:

Nettle – Strengthens and conditions hair, may darken it slightly.

Chamomile – Softens and conditions the hair and soothes itching, may lighten hair slightly.

Burdock – The hair rinse herb of choice for dandruff, eczema, etc.

Rosemary – Promotes hair growth by encouraging circulation to scalp area.

Horsetail – This silica-rich herb strengthens the hair and builds body.

Comfrey – Soothing, softening and supremely kind to both hair and scalp. Builds body.

Care of your Shampoo Bar

High quality shampoo bars are not made, like a regular bar of soap, with hardness as a chief concern. This is shampoo after all and the solid fats that work so well in a long-lasting bar soap, if added in excess to a shampoo bar, will leave residue on your hair. Thus, my shampoo bars contain a lot of conditioning liquid oils, most notably jojoba , sweet almond, castor, and olive. These softer bars require that extra care is taken to ensure they dry completely between use and do not lie in puddles of water. A wire rack, the top of a scrub brush, or a very well-draining soap rack will ensure months of use from each bar.