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It’s Wild Rose Season in the Cariboo! New Wild Rose Body Butter

I’ve been going out every afternoon for the past few days to collect roses from my beloved gnarly, tangled patch of rose infested woods at the edge of our property, next to our cat-tail filled small pond. Each time I head out there my mind is filled to bursting with lists of things to do, worries, fears that I’ll run into the bear that rambled across our lawn a few days ago while I’m out there, and generally tense after sitting at the computer working all morning. Once I get out there though, surrounded by the gentle pink, the perfect, uplifting scent, I find myself in a more peaceful place. Really, it has to be the roses; it feels like heaven out there. My time among them is worth every scratch from the thorns and bite from the mosquitoes. Pure wild bliss.

My beloved rose thicket in a deep, dark corner of the woods surrounding my home

It seems to me wild roses are the most overlooked and ignored flower in the northern woods. This is not Hawaii. There are very few strongly scented flowers that are kind enough to grow here for us. There is nothing like the heady, floral scent of wild roses hanging in the air in the early evening after the hot summer sunshine has extracted the scent from their petals and left it drifting in the air.

The perfect rose?

I can’t get enough of these peaceful flowers that to me symbolize pure, perfect love . . . and that’s what I feel surrounds me when I’m out there with them . . . and that is what I’ve tried to capture in my new Wild Rose body butter I’ve made by infusing these glorious, glowing, vibrant rose petals in the coconut oil I add to my luxurious, intensively moisturizing, whipped shea body butters.

fresh, delicate, and sweetly scented wild rose petals

Great for cracked, chapped hands and feet but can be applied anywhere on the body where needed. A little goes a long way – use sparingly. For best results massage into skin immediately after bathing, showering, or hand washing.

Wild Rose Whipped Shea Body Butter

Rose is tonic and astringent perfect for dry, sensitive, or aging skin. Rose geranium essential oil is astringent, toning, detoxifying, and revitalizing to skin and spirit.

The beauty of my body butter is its elegant simplicity – shea butter, rose petal infused coconut oil, rose geranium essential oil, and vitamin E are all it contains. I’ve made more complicated recipes in the past but this is a classic case of less is more.

Wild Rose Body Butter

Made with wild rose petals collected by hand from the forest surrounding my home in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.